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waterproof t-shirt
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Storefy® | Waterproof T-shirt
Storefy® | Waterproof T-shirt
Storefy® | Waterproof T-shirt
Storefy® | Waterproof T-shirt
Storefy® | Waterproof T-shirt
Storefy® | Waterproof T-shirt

Storefy® | Waterproof T-shirt

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How was The Storefy Collection Created?

Distressed by stains, you must want the stain to go away, that's how the Storefy collection came out. Combining stain-resistant technology, to make our clothing repel liquid and stain without sacrificing softness or breathability.

Stain Resistance Tests
Most of liquids and drinks in life are tested.

Lotus Leaf Biomimetic Technology
Based on the bionic principle "lotus effect", nano-raw materials are incorporated into the fabric fiber through Nano-interface super double dredging technology.

When common liquid molecules come into contact with clothing, like water beads on lotus leaves, they naturally slip off in a 165 °direction with the cloth.

Moisture Wicking T-shirt
Blended with bamboo fiber, long-staple cotton fiber, Sorona fiber. There are considerable amounts of voids among the natural fiber structure makes it superior in terms of hygroscopic properties. While Polyester fiber's high crystalline molecular chain structure makes it poor in moisture-absorbing properties and moisture permeability, this precisely makes it has a rather excellent fast drying ability.
Stain Resistant T-Shirt
Anything you used to worry about ruining your clothes runs right off fabric.
High Quality Fabric
Storefy uses long-staple cotton with more than 2000 hours of sunlight and a growth cycle of more than 200 days. Compared with ordinary cotton, high-count yarn long-staple cotton has a longer fiber length, is more elastic, more durable, softer and does not fade.

Wash Less and Wear Everywhere
You’ll find yourself spending a lot less time doing laundry. Almost every piece of clothing can be used for multiple occasions, from office to gym, from city to outdoor, and replaces at least three clothes in your closet. BUT IT CAN BE WASHED AS NORMAL AS YOU DO OTHER CLOTHES
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