Peek A Boo Elephant Plush Toy
Peek A Boo Elephant Plush Toy
Peek A Boo Elephant Plush Toy

Peek A Boo Elephant Plush Toy

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Peek A Boo - Babies' favorite
It's sings / It's plays / Its comes to life

This plush friend doesn't know what boredom and is always ready to play with your baby.

What are the advantages of playing peek-a-boo? Come on mommies and daddies , read down to find out what they are.🙃

Develop the verbal communication and independence of our little children!

Interactive play stimulates young minds by improving children's imagination and eye contact. Peek A Boo interacts with our little ones to build their communication and fine motor skills through touch, smile, laughter and sight.
These are very important tools for the early development of babies, training children from an early age.
It will be their new best friend. 😉
Make Any Baby SMILE!😍



With a sweet baby voice, Peek A Boo the elephant will sing 'Do your ears hang low' comes to life and will playfully move and clap its ears during play. And your baby will dance and sing along with this plush friend with gusto and a smile on his face.



Boo comes to life, Sings and Moves his ears. Our little friend has two fun features modes to choose, press the left leg of the peekaboo elephant and it will move its ears while hiding its eyes, and the right one to hear the song "Do your ears hang low" in a friendly child's voice.


The high-quality Peek A Boo plush has bright colors that every child will fall in love with and want to hug. it’s sure to delight your little one. Excellent gift for all ages of kids, from infants and big children. Our plush friend fits in any room and is always ready to play, they will roll on the floor, dance together, jump and climb on beds and sofas. 

Babies' favorite Peek A Boo the elephant will become your child's best friend.
💓 First best Friends Forever. 💓
🥰„ Peek-A-Boo, where are you? “🥰

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